Ulysses International provides a wide range of services to variety of international companies, including:

  • Develop and manage international distribution and procurement channels, serving as client's international trade department.
  • Coordinate product localization process to meet needs of each new market.
  • Structure trade and project finance systems for sales, purchasing and investment.
  • Develop internal support programs for export licensing and compliance, shipping, customs, and insurance needs.
  • Evaluate and monitor distributor or supplier performance according to contractual requirements and client's market criteria and objectives.
  • Report on changing market conditions and competition to keep client informed about trends, risks, and opportunities.
  • Facilitate negotiation of contractual terms and payment arrangements.
  • Plan, facilitate and manage international joint ventures, strategic alliances and technology transfer projects.
  • Market Research & Analysis: Conduct cost/volume/profit analysis of target market, considering such factors as access to supply or distribution channels, competition and comparative advantage, logistics, product life cycles and technology windows, develop product positioning and promotion strategies for target market, and assess strategic market and investment opportunities.
  • Supply-chain development and management.