Ulysses handles a wide range of products, including wine and other alcoholic beverages, environmentally responsible packaging, technology products, and others.

Please contact us to see if we can help you source products from other countries to enhance your product portfolio and make your company more profitable, or develop international distribution for your current product line.

Sample products

MG Imports
MG Imports, a marketer of premium wines and spirits, has carefully assembled the MG Collection to provide its clients and the consumer with handcrafted, quality wines directly from boutique producers.

In addition to a range of premium wines, MG Imports offers CMG Cognac, an ultra premium, 100% estate-grown, hand-crafted cognac. The product is new to the US market, and has been enjoyed for many years in Europe and Japan. CMG Cognac was named for the Count Matuschka de Greiffenclau. The family has been growing wine grapes in Europe for 800 years, longer than any other.

Villa Fiorita
Villa Fiorita has a distinguished past dating back to the early 19th century. At that time the Piedmontese nobility competed to acquire the best wine growing areas, often linking the family name with that of the wine produced. Villa Fiorita produces exquisite wines of exceptional character and grace.
Veneto, the region that surrounds Venice, was one of the first republics in the world and independent for almost a thousand years. Venice, its capital, ruled the seas for centuries from the Dardanelles to Spain.

This rich heritage is one of the reasons that even within Italy, Venice has its own distinct culture. One of the hallmarks of that culture is the tradition of enjoying an array of specialized fine foods while having a glass of wine. In Venice, these little morsels are called "cicchetti," and the places that serve them "bacari".

It is in this tradition of fine food matched with great wine that the Bacaro wine collection was created. We hope that you can taste in our wines some of the exotic flavors of an actual Bacaro in Venice.