Today's international economy imposes unprecedented demands on businesses while offering tremendous opportunities. The complexities involved in doing business in other countries often discourage companies from taking the first step abroad or lead them into problematic or unproductive relationships. As a result, many companies end up relying too heavily on domestic markets.

Ulysses International responds to the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturing and service firms confronting the international marketplace. Our multilingual team combines expertise in international trade together with hands-on marketing, manufacturing, finance and operations management to provide the elements vital to successful entry and growth in international markets.

Ulysses International tailors its services to meet individual client needs. We have a successful track record in designing and implementing strategies to help our clients meet the challenges and benefit from the opportunities in the international marketplace.

Ulysses serves many of its clients as their in-house international department, managing all of their trade operations from start to finish. Ulysses' extensive experience in managing trade and cross-border transactions combined with its network of contacts in government and business circles throughout the world enhances Ulysses' ability to obtain market information efficiently and evaluate and access world markets effectively for its clients.